Harm of inferior stainless steel cup

Time:2019-03-22 09:14:40

Stainless steel has a certain ratio of chromium and nickel. The chromium content of 12.5% or more can be called stainless steel, while the chromium content is 18%. The nickel content of 8% stainless steel, also known as 304 stainless steel, has stainless steel vessels. Corrosion resistance and rust resistance. 304 stainless steel is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Inferior stainless steel mainly refers to the problem that chromium and nickel are not up to standard, easy to be corroded, and there is heavy metal migration. The chromium contained in the stainless material is a heavy metal, and the corroded stainless steel cup is released because the protective film is destroyed. If you continue to use this stainless steel cup, it will cause harm to the human body. Chromium is a blue-white multivalent metal element, commonly known as divalent chromium, trivalent chromium and hexavalent chromium. Hard and brittle, anti-corrosion, mostly used in stainless steel and other products. The damage of hexavalent chromium and its compounds to the human body is usually manifested in three aspects. One is damage to the skin, leading to dermatitis, pharyngitis, etc.; the second is damage to the respiratory system, causing pneumonia, bronchitis and other diseases; the third is damage to the digestive system, ingestion and even long-term exposure to chromate, easily lead to gastritis, gastric ulcer and intestinal tract ulcer. Excessive intake of hexavalent chromium can cause kidney failure and even cancer.

When buying stainless steel water cups, be sure to be optimistic about the trademark. According to the national "Food Safety National Standard Stainless Steel Products" requirements, the stainless steel type and the minimum sales package should be marked with the type of stainless steel and "food contact" to protect consumers' right to know. , choice and supervision.

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